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Alchemy Dubs is a record label specialised in dub music based in London.


We deal with music created on a vibe, made with love and dedication, and that promotes a positive attitude and message, often with a meditational side to it.


We try to ride that fine line between the past, the present and the future; the played and the programmed; the analog and the digital; the youth and the elder… And we do it seeking the excellence in music, sound and design.


We have a strong belief in dub as an artform and a strong love for all dub aesthetics and tools: tape delays, spring reverbs, sirens, syndrums, lickshot machines and all sorts of hand-build devices and weird instruments.


We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy making it! 


*Alchemy: any seemingly magical process of changing something ordinary into something superior.



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