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Light & Power reviewed at Reggae Roots Review!


Light & Power reviewed at Reggae Roots Review!! Big up Toby Whittacker-Cook for the support!


Classy single courtesy of Oscar Pablos Ojah , second in the Alchemy Dubs melodica trilogy.... reggae electronica meets Parisian accordions meets 70s film soundtrack.... top stuff....

Light & Power playing at La Hora Rasta


Once again and now after it's release Light & Power has been played yesterday at last episodes of La Hora Rasta radio show!

As always thanks to Gaspar García-Sanchez for the support!

Light & Power reviewed at Photo Sound Reggae


Light & Power reviewed at Photo Sound Reggae!


Our next 7" is finally out!! The Melodica Trilogy V.2: Ojah feat. Nik Torp - Light & Power


Our next 7" finally out!! The Melodica Trilogy Volume 2 : Ojah feat. Nik Torp - Light & Power ALDBS07002!

First in Rewind Forward

Serious pressure from Alchemy Dubs - Ojah and Nick Torp at the controls for this melodica driven steppas cut that'll thump the rig!

Our Melodica vol.2: Light & Power playing at La hora rasta


And once again before it's released ...Light & Power playing at La hora rasta !! 

Thanks Gaspar Garcia Sanchez for the support everytime!!

Even before release ... straight to Real Roots's 22tracks selected list


Honoured to be featuring on 22tracks once again alongside some great productions! Big up Ricky Paulo Jeffery and Paulo - Real Roots each and every time!!



Soon come....... Melodica Trilogy Volume 2


Soon come!! #ALDBS07002 #alchemydubs #themelodicatrilogy #ojah#niktorp #lightandpower

Hand-stamping business once again! Melodica Trilogy Vol.2 coming out this month! #lightandpower #ojah #niktorp  #alchemydubs #limitededition#aldbs07002

During the process of releasing it we have been well surprised with all the expectation created... boom !!




Ital & Vital - Magma playing on BBC Radio's legendary show On The Wire!!


We are chuffed to discover that our latest release Ital & Vital - Magma was playing last Saturday on BBC Radio's legendary show On The Wire!!


Magma melodica cut & dub selected on Real Roots 22tracks list



5 brand new tunes to start your weekend up now on our 22tracks Reggae/Dub page for London.

This weeks tracks include:

Dennis JahYu Mudie - Angkor Wat from the brand new Circumfluent Spirits EP out now on Tripedal Crow Records //
Ital & Vital - Magma f/ Camila Monasterio on the Wicked Alchemy Dubs label //
Louie Melody - Mafia (Prod Dennis Capra) on Capra Records //
Vivian Jones - Whos Gonna Get Caught (Prod The Disciples) //
Bim One Productions vs Pablo Gad - Hard Times Dub on Riddim Chango Records

All these and more on the link below

Magma rewiew on Reggae Roots Review



Ital & Vital featuring Camila Monasterio – Magma
Alchemy Dubs 7″

Magma by Ital & Vital is the first in a series of three 7″s from the Alchemy Dubs label and without doubt it is one of the most beautiful reggae tracks I have heard. Each of the trilogy will feature a different guest musician but keeping the melodica as it’s heart and soul. The two writers, mixers and producers who make up Ital & Vital, are Spanish duo Oscar Pablos ‘Ojah’ and friend and long time collaborator Santi Mijarra ‘Puppa Shan’.

On first listen the Magma instrumental A-side has a seriously melancholic feel to it, you pick up a sense of loss and longing for something. When Camila Monasterio’s beautiful melodica kicks in that sense of missing is enhanced, it’s like the instrument is calling out for something or someone. Perhaps a lost love or lost life. These two tracks are sonically beautifully crafted, these guys have talent. They mention in their press release that they ‘deal with music created on a vibe, made with love and dedication’, you can feel this intent coming out of your speakers. The only downside is that the single does leave you wanting more, not sure I can wait for the next two instalments! In fact how about giving us a twenty minute Magma mix to keep us going?

Each single is limited to 500 and of course is vinyl-only. It’s a lovely product with hand-stamped and hand-numbered sleeves. It’s cool when labels really think about how their creations are presented, it certainly increases the anticipation and makes it special when the package hits your doormat. Have a listen below at the clips and fall in love with Alchemy Dubs.

"The Melodica Trilogy" review on Bass Culture Players Blog


Awesome review of the Melodica Trilogy on Bass Culture Players blog !

Big Up Subcomandante Castro for your beautiful words & support !!! 

Ital & Vital - Magma reviewed on Zona Reggae Romania!


Ital & Vital - Magma reviewed on Zona Reggae Romania!

Melodica Trilogy Volume 1 available from today!


Our brand new 7inch "Melodica Trilogy Volume 1: Ital & Vital feat. Camila Monas - Magma melodica cut / Dub" is available from today !!

Find it first at Rewind-Forward. and a few days later in the rest of the shops.






Magma melodica cut & dub playing at La hora rasta !!


Magma melodica cut & dub playing at La hora rasta !!

Thanks to Gaspar Garcia Sanchez for all the support!





Wisdom E.P. reviewed in Zona Reggae (Romania)!


Wisdom E.P. reviewed in Zona Reggae (Romania)! 

big up DJ RootBwoy !! 





Alchemy Dubs presents: Melodica Trilogy Volume 1


Alchemy Dubs is proud to present our first release on 7” format.

This record is the first volume of our Melodica Trilogy, that will consist of three different melodica tracks performed by three different players (limited edition of 500 units each).

All of them with dubs on the B side, of course.




Awasa featuring on E3's mix for BunZerO - SUB FM!!


Honoured to have our track Awasa featuring on E3's excellent mix for BunZerO's radio program at SUB FM

Wisdom & Awasa played extensively on Dubwise#194 podcast from Soul Guru Sounds!!



Wisdom & Awasa played extensively on Dubwise#194 podcast from Soul Guru Sounds from Stuttgart!

Wisdom playing at Disorda's Dub Chronicles on Kane FM!!



Wisdom playing at Disorda's Dub Chronicles #66 on Kane FM!!


Awasa playing at Disorda's Dub Chronicles#65 on Kane FM!!


Awasa playing at Disorda's Dub Chronicles#65 on Kane FM!!


Awasa playing in La hora rasta to start 2016


Awasa playing in La hora rasta to start 2016!! 

Big up Gaspar for all the support!




Alchemy Dubs playing at Control Towa on Sound System Fm


Alchemy Dubs playing at Control Towa on Sound System Fm (Since 1989)!!

Big up for the support!



Wisdom featuring on's London Reggae Dub selection by Real Roots!


Wisdom featuring on 's London Reggae Dub selection by Real Roots!!

Big up Sattaman and Dj Paulo from Real Roots for the support!





Wisdom reviewed on Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show


Wisdom has been reviewed on Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show blog !!

Massive thanks to Victor Castro and Santi Mijarra for all the help and support throughout the years!!



Wisdom reviewed on Photo Sound Reggae


Wisdom has been reviewed at Photo Sound Reggae !

Thanks for the support!





Wisdom now available exclusively at RewindForward


We are very pleased to announce that our first release in vinyl is available from today exclusively first at !! 

From next week in all good record stores 

Get your copy here



Wisdom playing in Sonidero Caribe Radio Show


ALDBS12001, our first release, was played last night 3rd December at Sonidero Caribe Radio Show !

They played both sides as well as last tunes of the show!

Big up Irie Papo for the support!



Wisdom playing in Reggae Burning Etxea


Our first release "Wisdom" was played on 29-11-2015 in Reggae Burning Etxea Radio program 

Big up Lagun Onak for the support!



Alchemy Dubs presents: Wisdom

Alchemy Dubs is proud to present our first release on vinyl format.

Wisdom features six tracks from producer (and one of the label’s founders) Ojah. On the A side we showcase the track “Wisdom”, a meditational instrumental steppers that features sounds of the kora, a west african instrument that we find very soulful and inspiring. Alongside there are two versions, each of them more stripped-back and spaced-out than the previous, mixed on the board for additional dubwise pressure.

On the B side we have the middle-eastern influenced track “Awasa” that features Nik Torp, keyboard player from The Specials, on melodica duties transporting us in space and time. Following are two versions, two dub deconstructions that take the track to different territories.

Equally suited to enjoy at home or on a sound system, the sound of these tracks has been meticulously taken care off throughout the whole process. Mixed in analog style and fashion by Ojah, mastered via 1/2 inch tape by Lewis Hopkin and pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl this release is ready to make a statement.

Limited edition of 500 copies, hand-stamped and hand-numbered.

Available from next week, find it first exclusively at

All tracks written & produced by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" at Alchemy Dubs Studio, London, UK

Melodica on “Awasa” by Nik Torp

Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Audio Mastering

Distribution by

Graphic design by Víctor Castro

© Alchemy Dubs 2015, all rights reserved



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