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Dub Me Crazy Vs Vomitspit presents Ojah Japan Tour at Nagoya

 Vs   presents Ojah Japan Tour      


In the middle of a chaotic Nagoya japan - Kalakuta DISCO exhales bright vibes itself. It was an autentique atmosphere with a lovely homey feeling for a memorable session… and best table for a live set ever ;) 




Great vibes and proper selections. 


Dub Me Crazy: Dj tA.hA.rA Shinya Tahara / KENI-DUB - Hikaru_1204Ojah - Hiroshi Takakura - Tatsuya Dubjua Hasegawa I wah creation - Vomitspit Karnage - Tsuyoshi Watanabe





Thanks to all, was a night to remember ! 



Special thanks to Takuya Achiwa, top promoter, you nailed it, bro:) THANKS FOR SHOWING US AROUND AND FOR THE TOP RAMEN! 



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